Client testimonial:

“We recently completed a discovery session with Sarah and it’s something I believe every business should invest in. Sometimes there is nothing more valuable than a knowledgeable 3rd party looking at your business, making you see the obvious, and then work out your own solution. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable in business development, very good at asking the right questions, to find out where your business is at the moment, where you want it to go and how to put a plan in place to get it there. The hard work starts now, but since my discovery session I believe I am working towards our business goals in a more focused and purposeful manner”

Bruce Skinner, Director, PISYS.Net Aberdeen Ltd

Client testimonial: Appetite for Business

“As a fresh pair of eyes Sarah is super, she really listens and always considers what would best suit the business, rather than take a solution that has worked for another. She advises on the best networking and BD opps to suit. 100% reliable, friendly, customer focused and keen to help. I would have no hesitation recommending Sarah.”

Sheryl Newman, Managing Director, Appetite for Business


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